I am well…a lurker

A fellow Folksy crafter, Lu of Found In Keswick, wrote about this topic in this post – “Are you a lurker?” – sometime ago, and it struck a cord with me. I read it and said to myself, “I am well…a lurker, but I can’t help myself”.

I joined the Yahoo Metal Clay forum about a year ago (and many more since). It’s a fantastic forum of fabulous and generous people who do not hold back at sharing their knowledge with lesser knowledgeable people like me, and I find myself looking forward to the almost daily questions, answers, tips, etc. BUT I don’t think I’ve ever answered any of the questions even though I know the answer. My excuse? I’m an almost novice in the medium, and someone else may have a better answer.

We all have different reasons for lurking. Fear of saying the wrong thing, lack of time, or just plain nonchalance, but the fact is we’ll learn more by sharing what we know because who knows? it might be that we actually don’t know.


It’s the September CRAFTfest countdown

My first ever craft fair is six days away (depending on who’s counting), and it is a virtual fair (see post). Prior to signing up, I didn’t know that there was such a thing and I always thought that I’ll have to get a booth and all the accompanying necessities in order to participate in one. And we won’t have to bother about the unpredictable weather (this morning was quite cold, and we’re in the last week of August) as we’d have to if we were putting up booths in a park or so. It’s almost a win-win situation (it’ll be a win-win when I make my first sale). So when I came across a post related to CRAFTfest on Folksy forum, I didn’t hesitate for a moment before signing up. I’d love to make some sales, but more importantly, my shop needs to be known as it’s only a couple of month old. So, fingers crossed.

I promised when I signed up that I’ll do my share of promoting fellow stallholders and that includes tweeting and following, stumbling (thought only people who’ve had too much to drink stumble, may be not all, but well…), ‘facebooking’ and pinning amongst the several social media currently available. I can now confirm that it can be a lot of work doing all these and more, especially if you’re a semi-lurker like me, but who’s trying to reform. In all honesty, I’ve not done a lot but I hope to improve. Thanks to CRAFTfest, I now have a facebook page, and can pin as well as tweet; however, I’ve not gone round ‘stumbling’ yet.

So this week like I did the last time, I’ll be featuring some of my fellow sellers in the purple group that I didn’t feature then.

Group 8

Group 9

Group 10

A lot of people have put a lot of effort into organising, and especially holding the hands of stallholders like me who are new to craft fairs. This is thanking Gill, Lu, the other group leaders, and all who’s been very helpful to all. Do not forget to join us from the 1st to the 8th whether you’re a crafter, a buyer or even a browser, you won’t be disappointed.

Off to putting some jewellery pieces in my stall.