Summer is here…and a new royal baby


Summer’s actually been here for about two weeks, and though we’ve all been looking forward to it, it didn’t come without it’s most frustrating companion – hay fever. While many look forward to its arrival with anticipation, I and some others look forward to it with mostly trepidation as I usually have hay fever for the whole of summer. If it’s hot, the pollen count high, and pollens flying like a legion of demons, it usually spells a summer doom for people like me. So, I’d been having particularly bad summer until my colleague suggested I try homeopathic remedy about three weeks ago. And did I notice the difference? Oh yes! I have had almost two weeks free from sneezing, itchy eyes, nostrils and palates, and the incessant nose-blowing that is so typical of hay fever. It’s unbelievable!

The thing with homeopathic remedies I gather is, there’s no ‘one medicine cures all’. I was interviewed by the pharmacist who noted all my symptoms before giving me a prescription. I don’t claim to understand how it works, but I’m a very happy bunny at the moment, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer, and very many more to come, I hope.

And we have a new royal baby boy; congratulations William and Kate. May you have many, many happy time with your new bundle of joy.


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