Yay! First Folksy Sale

Yes, CRAFTfest is over, the September CRAFTfest that is; and that week was very exciting. I met fellow crafters who held my hand and taught me stuff I didn’t know; marketing tools and all what nots. I tweeted, pinned, liked, ‘stumbled’, etc. as I’ve never done before (I didn’t even know some of them existed). Well… not as much as others, but considering the fact that I knew next to nothing about these things before joining Creative Connections, I did my best even if I say so myself.

The whole essence of that week-long fair was to draw traffic to our various websites, and hoped that they appreciated what they saw so much that they become customers. And yes, it worked. My Folksy shop had more traffic in that week that it didn’t have in its two months of existence. I always wondered what I had to do regarding that without spending an arm and a leg. I’m a new and part-time artist, and I’ve been struggling about a lot of things, and boy, am I glad to ‘bump’ into Creative Connections. Like I said, my fellow crafters are a bunch of wonderful people, and I’m loving being part them. I just wish I had more time to be involved.

Back to the topic of the day, I sold this copper clay pendant some days ago.

When I saw the mails about the sale from Folksy and PayPal in my box, I got very excited. I checked and re-checked the piece to make sure that everything’s fine and is as it should be and then packaged it carefully and lovingly (believe me, you’d think I was going to be appearing before the Queen if you saw how I fretted over it). I hope it surpasses my customer’s expectations.

I’m happy to attribute this sale to CRAFTfest, and I’m looking forward to the November fest already.


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