‘Lurving’ your blog from CRAFTfest

It’s the 3rd day of CRAFTfest today and I’m passing on the ‘lurve’. I got the idea from FoundInKeswick who in turn got the idea from Inkyprints which I’m now making my own (sounding a little bit like the judges on those talent shows, I know).
So, my ‘I Love Your Blog’ award goes to Mandy of Siog Designs. She does very lovely hair accessories, headpieces and jewellery in an array of colours, I especially love the ones called fascinators (yours truly thought they’re all hats). Her blog is interesting, easy on the eye and yes, has a similar look to mine as it’s also purple/lavender.
If you are sent a CRAFTfest ‘I Love Your Blog’ Award and you would like to Share The Lurve, then have a look at this.
How To Share The CRAFTfest Lurve
1. Paste our ‘I love Your Blog’ Badge to your page
2. Put a on a link to the blogger who sent it you
3. Put a link to the blogger you are awarding the Lurve to
4. List some other blogs you like
5. Inform all the bloggers you have mentioned by commenting on their blogs.
6. List ‘How To Share The Craftfest Lurve’
7. Tell us something you’d like to say, or show us something you’d like to sell.

That said, these are the other blogs I’m into:
Personal Space Interiors
Lottie Of London
Fired With Imagination
The Old Button
Craftfest Blogs
Gail’s Tales…and Jewelry Designs
Sabiné Aliénor
Beaded Bazaar
Angela B Crispin
The Dressmaker’s Closet
A Work in Progress
Rachael in Wonderland
Cola Creations
The Crystal Cavern
Sue McNenly
Revive Holistic Beauty
Pins and Needles
Free Spirit Designs
Scent Cosmetics

And here is the latest listing in my Folksy shop, it’s a copper pendant I made from metal clay. As you may have noticed, I started working with copper about 2 months ago and I’ve had really unexpected successes given that base metal clays can be very temperamental. The warm colour you can get from copper (after oxidisation) is very appealing and especially so if textured. This is a lovely piece with contrasting black recessed and light brown raised areas. It’s also in my CRAFTfest stall


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