Pics as promised

Last time, I promised to post pictures of the earrings I made, so, here are two of them:

Even though getting a polished finish on little pieces can be tedious, I totally love the end result (these ones are not quite ‘polished’). The key is to ensure that the piece in the greenware stage is appropriately finished, that means making sure that you get a totally smooth surface before you fire. I use an eye loupe to see if there are still scratches visible in my greenware, as it will enlarge what you can’t see with ordinary eyes.
Start with the sanding pads in order (180, 220, 280), then polishing papers up to the finest. Easy when your piece is flat with no ‘attachments’ as I have in the pictures above. That said, it can be done. For the pieces above, I use these combinations:
1. I place the polishing papers face up on a rubber block, my greenware facing that and rub the latter against the papers, alternating directions with each grit.
2. I place the piece itself on the block, polishing papers in my hands, and rub away. Also alternating directions with each grit. The key is to apply a lot of elbow.


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