At last

Okay, here we go. This is very new to me, so forgive me if it seems like I go on endlessly. I decided to write this blog after much deliberation (can I? should I?) so that others can gain from the little experience I have, as well as from the ones I intend to gain from further working with it. I’ll share tips and tricks I’ve been taught, learnt from articles, tutorials, etc. as well as the ones I learnt the hard way.

I started making jewellery using metal clay seriously in September 2011, so expect to hear of some experiments gone wrong, as well as successes. In all, I hope that you will learn useful things from reading my blog.

Metal clay is the general name for all the types of clay in that category, and believe you me, there are lots, and more are still been developed as I write.  It is a revolutionary product that first came on the market in the 90’s. The first of these many clays are the precious metal clays (PMC and ArtClay Silver) manufactured in Japan. These are an absolute wonder to work with, with no idiosyncrasies whatsoever – just roll, texture, texture not, refine, fire and voila, you have a solid piece which is 99.9% silver and can be hallmarked as such. There are other silver metal clays, PMC Pro and the newly developed sterling silver clay. The PMC Pro is not as popular as it is 90% silver, but the newbie (sterling silver clay) is proving popular in certain circles.

There are also the base metal clays – bronze, copper, brass, steel, and their various alloys – that have been, and are still been developed. These can be tricky to work with as their firing is not as straightforward as the precious metal clays.

Enough said for today. In my next blog, I’ll talk briefly about the tools I use to create my pieces (you really don’t need a lot). Guess how I figured that out? Yes, you’re correct, the hard way.


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